You Must Enjoy Today

Continued from previous article.

When the Torah tells us, “You shall eat and be satisfied, and will live securely in the land.” It is not a blessing or a guarantee as it sounds like, it is a command.

The Torah commands us to eat until we are full and not to penny-pinch and save up for Shmittah. The Torah understood that human nature is to worry about the future, so it warned us to enjoy what we have now and that’s how we can “live securely in the land” – without worry.

However, because worrying what will be is actually logical, the Torah continues to say, “If you will ask what will be in the seventh year… the grain will provide for three years.” You don’t have to save up and prepare for Shmittah, Hashem will do all the preparation for you.

Your job is to sit back and enjoy what you have and when Shmittah comes you will still have what you need.

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