Shmittah Conondrum (Pt. 2)

As we mentioned in the previous post, a person can begin worrying about what will be even in the first year of the Shmittah cycle.

Such a person is completely losing sight of what Shmittah is. He says his intention is to save up now in order to be able to keep Shmittah properly. But the main purpose of Shmittah is to remind a person that everything is in the complete control of Hashem.

This is why the Torah forbade even things that grew on their own during Shmittah, to take us to the opposite extreme of hishtadlus. We are not allowed to be involved in any part of the growing process, to remind us that in reality we never have a real part in the process because Hashem is doing the work.

A person can start off saying that he’s doing hishtadlus for a mitzvah by saving food so he will be able to keep Shmittah. But this attitude begins to creep in to every area in life and the hishtadlus increases in whatever he does. And without bitachon it becomes hard to do any mitzvah or to face nisayonos.

Of course the opposite is true as well, having bitachon with small things leads to greater strength during challenges and enables a person to do mitzvos properly.

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