To Eat or to Sweat?

Continued from previous articles.

We have been discussing the importance of enjoying what you have now instead of scrimping and saving for the future.

Why did the Torah choose to teach us this lesson specifically by Shmittah? If appears that this was only a one-time challenge. Once the first Shmittah passed, everyone saw how the land produced enough for three years so they no longer had to worry about future Shmittahs. Why would we need a special lesson for a one-time event?

The answer is, that this was a lesson not only for the first Shmittah, but for every Shmittah, and it’s also important for bitachon n general.

Hashem usually deals with this world within the boundaries of nature, except when someone has bitachon. As we mentioned previously, Hashem responds to a person corresponding to the amount of trust they put in Him. The more you rely on Hashem, the more he provides directly.

The Torah tells us that the sixth year will have extra growth and there will be enough food for Shmittah. But this bracha is directly dependent on whether a person has bitachon or not.

If someone is nervous and they put aside food every year to save up for Shmittah, then they are choosing to follow the laws of nature. They will have food for the Shmittah year, but it will be because they saved up and they will not see the bracha in the sixth year.

Someone who has faith in Hashem for the six years and they enjoy what they are given during those years without scrimping and saving, they are the ones to see the bracha in the sixth year.

The choice is always ours. The amount of blessing in our lives was already determined for us on Rosh Hashana. But how we receive it is up to us. We can either put matters into our own hands and work extra hard and save up or we can leave the details to Hashem and live in the moment.

The results will be the same but the journey will be very different.

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