A Wagon of Treasure

The Alshich zt”l once delivered a speech regarding having bitachon without doing any effort.

Among the crowd that was listening there was a simple man whose job was to transport materials. When he heard that Hashem sends the same parnassah regardless of effort, he said to himself, “I have to be a fool to keep working! All day and night I work so hard wearing myself out. If I have bitachon I will have the what I need without the heartache!”

The man made up his mind, stopped working, and sat at home saying Tehillim. His family tried to encourage him to take his wagon and go find work. “Rachmana litzlan!” he cried, “The Alshich said I will have parnassah without working, so that’s what I’m going to do. Hashem will provide us with our needs.”

Eventually, this man sold his donkey and wagon to a gentile.

One day, the gentile was in the forest digging up dirt to sell in the city, when he uncovered a buried treasure! He loaded up the wagon with a bag full of treasure and headed back to dig up more. As he was digging, a stone was dislodged and killed him.

After a while, the donkey became impatient and not knowing what to do, wandered back to its original owner’s home.

When the family saw the donkey with the treasure, they ran inside and told the man that his bitachon worked, they were now wealthy!

When the Alshich’s talmidim heard about this, they asked him, how can this be? We’ve been working on bitachon for so many years without such success, and this simple farmer becomes wealthy right away?!

The Alshich explained, when this simple farmer heard what I taught, he accepted it completely. He had no doubts whatsoever that Hashem will provide him. But we know, “the greater the person, the stronger the yetzer hara is.” (Sukkah 52a) You have all sorts of thoughts on when and where you may or may not have bitachon, or whether it will help in your situation.

A person must be firm in his belief that Hashem is able to take care of us in every time, place, and situation. There is nothing that can stop Him.

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