Sin the Right Way

Part 2

We find two types of people who sin. The first is “Sheva yipol tzaddik v’kam” (Mishlei 24:16) – Someone who falls into sin, but keeps getting up and trying again. The second is, “Avar vishana, nasis lo k’heter.” (Kiddushin 20) A person who does the same sin twice, and now it starts to seem to him that it’s permitted.

What causes these different reactions to sin?

A person who views life as a learning experience will make mistakes but will know how to move on. Each mistake is evaluated afterwards to see where he went wrong and how to avoid this in the future.

Even if he does an aveira on purpose, he understands that he fell in because he’s human. He doesn’t view himself now as a sinner, rather he understands that this is also part of growing in life and fixing what he has done is a stepping stone towards greatness.

The other reaction is a non-growth mindset. The idea that once a person has done an aveira there’s no going back. This is who I must be. Mediocrity become this persons shitta.

This was Yosef’s mistake. The first time he asked the Sar Hamashkim to remember him was a lack of bitachon. But people make mistakes. The second time showed that he was accepting this lack of bitachon and willing to live with hishtadlus. For this he was punished.

To be continued.

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