There’s No Tomorrow

Continued from previous articles.

After we discussed how great Yaakov Avinu’s bitachon was, there is one area Chazal point out where Yaakov had the slightest lapse in bitachon.

After making arrangements with Lavan, Yaakov tells him, “V’ansah bi tzidkasi b’yom machar.” – “My righteousness will speak for me tomorrow.” (Bereshis 3:33) Yaakov wanted to make a deal with Lavan that would later prove how righteous he was.

But Chazal mention on this passuk, Al tishallel b’yom machar” – “Don’t praise yourself regarding the future.” (Yalkut) Even in such a worthy situation, where Yaakov intention was only to show how righteous he was, it is still seen that he was lacking in bitachon by preparing for the future. Yaakov should have left how Lavan would perceive him in the future to the hands of Hashem.

If preparing for the future of looking righteous is considered a flaw, then certainly worrying about the future for physical needs is something we need to avoid.

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