Lavan Was No Fool

Continued from previous article.

When Yaakov and Lavan arranged Yaakov’s pay, Lavan kept trying to gain the upper hand. They made an arrangement that only animals born with certain patterns would go to Yaakov. Lavan knew that no matter what pattern they agreed on, Hashem would always make the animals be born with the pattern that was meant for Yaakov. Because of this, Lavan kept switching the agreement once he saw that the animals were expecting, assuming that it was too late for their patterns to change.

We have to realize that there is no such thing as only one party changing an agreement; both sides have to accept the change. This means that every time Lavan wanted to make a change Yaakov agreed!

Yaakov held on strong to his bitachon and accepted whatever terms Lavan wanted because he knew that Hashem would help him despite any agreement with Lavan. The animals changed patterns even while they were about to be born so that they should be in Yaakov’s favor!

And still, Chazal tell us that anyone can achieve this level of bitachon.

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