You Can Be Like Yaakov

Yaakov Avinu’s level of bitachon was tremendous. Even nature would bend itself for his needs. When Yaakov dealt with Lavan, everything always worked out in his favor even though it was clearly against nature. (As we shall discuss in later articles.)

But still, Chazal tell us something incredible. The passuk (Bereishis 31:11) says, “Vayomer elai Haelokim bachalom Yaakov.” – “Hashem spoke to me (Yaakov) in a dream and said, ‘Yaakov.'” Hashem gave a message to Yaakov and to all his generations. The message was that in every generation there will be people like Yaakov.

Bitachon is not only for the great people. Every single Jew has the ability to have the bitachon of Yaakov Avinu!

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