Tap Into It

Continued from previous articles.

There is a principal in bitachon that we can see from the story of Rava.

If we think about it, if Rava hadn’t seen his sister in many years, it must be that they lived far apart. This means that by the time the guest arrived by Rava and made his request, Rava’s sister must have already been on the road with her basket of chicken and wine. So how do we attribute the guest getting what he wanted to bitachon if it was already coming before he had bitachon?

When Rava’s sister was on the way, anything could have happened that may have prevented her from bringing the gifts. It could have been stolen, rotted, or even left behind. It was the guest’s bitachon that ensured it’s safe arrival.

The same is in every situation in our lives. Hashem sends the solution to our troubles in advance. If we have bitachon, then the solution reaches us. But when we fail to believe, the solution might pass us right by. It is our job to have bitachon so we can tap into the answer that Hashem has already sent for us.

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