A Fat Chicken and Old Wine

A guest once arrived at Rava’s home. Rava wanted his visitor to feel at home so he asked his guest, “What are you accustomed to eat?”

“A fattened chicken and old wine,” was the reply. Expensive delicacies.

Rava was taken aback. “Aren’t you concerned that you’re being a burden on the tzibbur with such a request?”

“Absolutley not! I’m not eating from your food, I’m eating from what Hashem provides.

“The passuk says, עיני כל אליך ישברו, ואתה נותן להם את אכלם בעתו – ‘… You give each of them their food in his time.’ It says ‘in his time” instead of ‘in their time’ because everyone is given his own needs at the right time for him.”

As they were having this conversation, Rava’s sister arrived who he hadn’t seen in thirteen years, and with her she brought… a fattened chicken and old wine!

Rava was shocked at the turn of events. He apologized to his guest and invited him to eat. (Kesubos 67b).

We take from this story that there are no limits to bitachon. When you live with bitachon you do not have to live a frugal life. You can enjoy life as you are used to.

We can’t say you can only have bitachon for certain things and not for others, becuase Hashem’s abilities are endless!

Once you know that the Ribbono Shel Olam will be taking care of everything you need, you can rely on that more than you can rely on the money you have in your pocket!

Topic to be continued

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