Don’t Follow the Stars

The Yerushalmi (Shabbos 6:9) brings an interesting story:

There was once an astrologer who became a ger. One day he had to travel someplace. Before he left, he calculated through astrology that this was an inauspicious time for travel. He thought to himself, “How can I travel in such a time?!”

But then the astrologer caught himself. “The whole reason I joined this holy nation was to distance my self from such things!” He announced, “I will go forth with the name of the Creator!”

As he was on the road, a ferocious lion approached. He quickly offered his donkey to the lion and was able to flee.

The Yerushalmi concludes, that the reason he was attacked was for doubting Hashem, but in the end he was saved for having trust in Hashem.

We take from this story, that one who trusts solely in Hashem doesn’t need to fear even if if the time or place seems dangerous. The Ribono Shel Olam is the one in control and we can always be calm when we recognize that.

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