The Second Blessing

The second, and more important, blessing in a ba’al bitachon’s life, is that he has a “Derech HaBitachon.” This means that this person’s life is one where he lives bitachon. This is of greater value than of just having your needs met through bitachon.

To illustrate the idea: Josh is the top political adviser in the United States. He has been hired to work on some of the toughest political campaigns, including many senators and even a few presidential candidates. Josh is known for his results. A candidate who has Josh on staff has a serious advantage.

Now, it’s true that Josh takes a hefty fee for his service, but he’s not known by his wealth – he’s known for his skill. The fee is just a fact. It doesn’t detract from his talent. He is the top political adviser whether or not he gets paid!

The same is for someone who has a “Derech HaBitachon,” Of course he has total calmness from not worrying about his needs, but it is much greater that he has a life of bitachon. For such a person, even if a time comes where he seems to be lacking, he still is calm, knowing that things will turn out good as they always do. He is like someone who owns a thriving business. If one day there’s a storm and no customers walk into the store, the owner isn’t worried. This is a successful enterprise! Tomorrow things will improve as always.

(As an aside, the same way becoming a political expert doesn’t happen overnight, attaining the Derech Habitchon doesn’t either. They both require practice – with trial and error – to become an expert.)

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