No Fears

Even when the world around you is in disarray, when you have bitachon you have nothing to fear. Nothing can ever happen to you if it’s not what Hashem knows is best for you.

During the Russian revolution, there were armies roaming the streets breaking out in sporadic fights. On one Motzei Shabbos, the Alter was standing and making havdalah when gunshots rang through the air. Everyone in the room began to panic and ran for cover. But not the Alter. He remained standing in his place, completely calm, and not even a single drop of wine spilled from his kos! This was his bitachon. If the bullets weren’t meant for him, then he had nothing at all to fear!

This is the first blessing that a ba’al bitachon has. A complete calmness in his life; no worries and no depression. He sees he has what he needs now and knows that he never has to worry about tomorrow. Everything in his life will be taken care of with bitachon.

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